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SIoT allows businesses and people to be more connected to the world around them, and to do more meaningful, higher-level work


  • SIoT metrology kit is very much beneficial to measure the various dimensions of the components, which intact projects the same in dashboard
  • Web and mobile-based visualization of Dial Indicator data

AMS Checking Fixture - Architecture

The component should be aligned with the reference points using the checking fixture. After scanning the part number with a barcode scanner, the dial indicators are able to capture dimensions based on the input received from the system controller. Once the data is captured, it is stored in the embedded PC through a protocol converter. After analyzing the data, this system will decide whether the component is OK or Not OK. Analyzed data is passed to the system controller for determination of whether a component is OK or not. Simple IoT website provides analytical dashboards based on actual dimensions and part number data stored in a database. On a daily basis, reports are generated and sent to the end user.

AMS Checking Fixture - Dashboard

AMS Checking Fixture provides
  • Analytic Dashboard
  • Predictive Dashboard
  • Report
  • Automatic report generation
  • Alarm & Events triggered
  • Automatic Sending report via Email