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Productivity Kit is an Ethernet-based integrated sensor and control system. Simens PLC Controller is merged with DI and DO signals from the Pushbutton and Indicators. Moxa Gateway and the Modbus TCP Protocol are both used for data transmission via Ethernet.


  • Productivity Kit are useful for Training and Testing
  • Web and mobile-based visualization of sensor data

Productivity Kit - Architecture

Productivity Kit are possible to communicate in two ways to communicate.
  • With Gateway via MQTT
  • Without Gateway via OPCUA Server

MQTT : Required additional Hardware to transmit the data to the Ethernet.
OPCUA Server : Doesn't required additional Hardware to transmit the data to the Ethernet

Productivity Kit - Dashoboard

Productivity Kit provides
  • Analytic Dashboard
  • Predictive Dashboard
  • Report
  • Automatic report generation
  • Alarm & Events triggered
  • Automatic Sending report via Email